A LEGO-Themed Bar is Coming to Pittsburgh

(Source: James Farrel) A Lego-themed pop-up bar is coming to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh, PA – What do you get when you combine two of America’s favorite past-times, drinking and.. LEGO-ing? You get the Brick Bar, and it’s coming to Pittsburgh this  Feb. 21 and 22!

The Brick Bar, will have many Lego-themed attractions including sculptures, a ping pong table made from 22,500 bricks and plenty of chances to try your hand at making your own creations. And the best part? There’ll be a judge on hand to give prizes to the best builders. Let your drunken imagination take hold and rise to victory!

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and more details along with tickets can be found on the Brick Bar’s website. More information is also available on eventbrite.

The Brick Bar consisting of over a million blocks, has been transported all over the world from Australia, London, and the United States.