Six Flags Wants Brave Couples For ’30 Hour Couple Coffin Challenge’


Maryland – What would you say is your worst fear? Tight spaces, being stuck in a human casket alive, ghouls? Well prepare to be spooked. Six Flags Great America’s Maryland location wants six brave couples to do something very bizarre.

The amusement part is inviting participating couples to spend 30 hours confined in a partially closed coffin with each other for their Fright Fest 2019.

The couples — which can be siblings, cousins, friends or lovers, will have to be confined in the coffins from 3pm September 27th to 10pm on September 28th.

If that wasn’t scary enough, the website says that “participants will be exposed to fog, dramatic lighting, flash photography and extreme weather conditions” and added that “fright fest ghouls will be lurking around in the darkness.”

The most horrifying aspect of the challenge? You’ll have to leave your phones behind. The rules include no smartphones, watches, earbuds and headphones — except during designated bathroom and meal breaks.  If anyone breaks the rules, they will be disqualified.

The last remaining couple will win $600 to split between them and two 2020 Gold Season passes to the park and a Fright Fest package.


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