Pedestrian Safety Program Held Next to Starbucks

PennDOT held a pedestrian safety program in Clarion on Monday.  Officials from PennDOT, Clarion University Campus Police, Clarion Borough, State police departments and the Presidential Commission on disabilities talked about pedestrian safety to students at the intersection of 9th Avenue and Main Street, next to Starbucks.  Adam Marshall from Penn DOT said “we are trying to bring awareness to the pedestrians, on how to cross safely and follow rules set for them on crossing.”  “Safe crosswalk interactions are a shared responsibility between pedestrians and motorists. If everyone just follows the rules, then everyone will be just fine.”   Most crosswalk accidents involve turning vehicles, where the driver does not yield to the pedestrian or the pedestrian is crossing against the signal.   Monday’s pedestrian safety program is held annually and this year’s program was held at the Main Street and 9th Avenue location because it can be a very busy cross walk when classes are changing.