Stores Across The Nation Forced To Protect Their Ice Cream From The Threat Of Lickers

Grocery stores across the nation are taking extra precautions to protect their ice cream. Warning signs, locked freezer doors, security guards.. Getting access to your favorite frozen treat this summer might be as hard as breaking out of Alcatraz. And it would be appear that a viral Internet challenge is to blame.

By William Childs

Remember when the Tide Pod challenge went viral? A record-number of people actually ate (or at least pretended to) the poisonous liquid inside these laundry detergents, that stores had to lock them up and ensure they were being purchased responsibly.

And it appears ice cream is getting the same treatment after a Twitter video of a young woman opening a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a Texas food store, licking the ice cream, and returning the tub to the freezer went viral.

This video inspired quite a few copycat incidences, which ultimately led to stores raising awareness for the possible legal ramifications that could happen when tampering with ice cream, and posting pictures of their increased security measures (which is honestly depressing to think about).

During Fourth of July weekend, Two Keller Public Safety Officials stood guard in their local icecream aisle. While the Facebook post was done in humor, several stores have taken genuine security precautions.


One such security measure was displayed in a photo tweeted by @s0ntra, which shows an added button to call an employee to the freezer section. This certainly takes out the ‘convenience’ in convenience store.

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