Kirke Wise announces his candidacy for Clarion County Commissioner

Kirke Wise


Clarion County native Kirke Wise has announced his bid for County Commissioner in the Republican Primary. Wise has over 35 years of experience in the electronics and technology sectors. First starting out as an engineering consultant, where he helped to develop and refine computer controlled equipment for various companies and entrepreneurs in the mid-1980s. For the past 29 years, Wise has been a primary communications system technician for Mobile Communications Service. In this capacity, he is the primary person responsible 24/7/365 for the complete operational integrity of many businesses and Government Communications systems in Northwest Pennsylvania. These have included Clarion and Venango 911 centers, Government systems such as operated by PSP, PennDOT, DCNR, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, etc. As the Primary Technician, Wise responds day or night to any failure of infrastructure systems as well as dealing with the problems that can happen at a lower level in the first-responder fleets of Fire, Police, and EMS units.


Many of these failures which develop in large systems can be quite elusive and difficult to identify and resolve. Not merely just finding a broken piece here or there, but assessing the entire picture, from the observations of the people who operate the equipment up to every complex piece of the technological puzzle upon which they depend on for communications. This gained experience to listen and evaluate, take advice, carefully isolate and resolve problems, are things that Wise believes could be a benefit to Clarion County in his capacity as a future Commissioner. Wise is well known for being very innovative and creative. Also as a student and a creator of high technology concepts and equipment. As a futurist, he is also very knowledgeable through experience in many rapidly emerging trends such as block-chain technology which are destined to change the way we eventually do almost everything. For these, as well as many other reasons, Wise believes that he would be a good fit for Clarion County at this time in history. A time when the world is rapidly advancing and there is a great need to stay up to date.


Wise is principally concerned with the seemingly decreasing employment opportunities in  Clarion County . He envisions a multi-tier and multi-faceted approach to start to bring the area up to date as a more livable place in terms of culture, recreation, and educational opportunities for regular people in this modern era. This would be a slow process at first and require public participation, ideas, and inspiration. But that’s just how Government can work effectively. When the people participate. He also believes that a renewed effort has to be made to very actively research and seek out established companies and new start-ups to locate here. That’s why we have to work on our image to the outside world as well as the day to day drudgery of merely local government. We all need to work towards the goal of making this a place that people want to come to rather than leave from…


Wise is an adept public speaker and has many hobbies including organic gardening and both writing and performing rhyming poetry. He is an avid shooting sports enthusiast also and enjoys the simple fun of backyard “plinking” whenever he can.


If you would like Kirke Wise to possibly speak at your group, or for general questions or comments, you can contact him at or (814) 319-3817


He would also encourage you to check his Facebook campaign page at: #KirkeWiseforClarionCountyCommissioner