Details of the plan for rebuilding Clarion Borough’s stormwater system and funding the work will fill the agenda of a special public meeting 7 p.m. July 17 at the Main Street Center.

Bruce Hulshizer of the HRG Inc. engineering firm will present plans and information. Authority chairman Jason Noto and borough projects coordinator Todd Colosimo will be on hand to provide information and answer questions. Council President Carol Lapinto will open the meeting.

Speakers will discuss the current state of the stormwater system, a tentative schedule of major projects possible over the next five years, a preliminary budget for those five years, and some of the new problem areas coming to light after the weather of the past several months. Repairing the collapsing stormwater collector along Center Place will be the first major project.

The authority is proposing a stormwater fee as the most equitable way to fund system improvements. The fee will be based on the amount of impervious area – roofs and pavements – on a property as this is the best measure of a property’s contribution to the stormwater into the system.

All landowners, including tax-exempt government and non-profit organizations, will be charged this fee, as all contribute to the stormwater burden. Tax-exempt properties make up about 70 percent of the assessed property value in the borough; including them will reduce residential and commercial property owners’ financial contributions toward stormwater systems costs by as much as 50 percent.

Details of the work to be done and of the stormwater fee policy are still being developed, so public input is needed and encouraged; authority and borough officials will answer questions as best they can.

More information is available at the borough’s website at and the  Facebook page at “Clarion Borough Stormwater Authority.” The Facebook page provides an opportunity to make comments and ask questions. The public can also call Colosimo or Noto at 814-226-7707 ext. 109.