Clarion Robotics Team Prepares for ​Robotics​ ​Competition​

This year the Clarion Area Robotics team has been working hard to prepare for the
BEST​ ​Robotics​ ​competition​ ​at​ ​Grove​ ​City​ ​College,​ ​on​ ​October​ ​13-14.​ Our promising team
consists of four divisions: Engineering and Building, Marketing and Exhibit, Programming, and
Engineering Notebook. The Engineering and Building team, headed by Matthew Mitchell,
designs and builds the robot for the given task, which is fighting a mock industrial fire. The
marketing and exhibit team, headed by Chris Pozgay, is responsible for organizing field trips,
acquiring sponsorships and funds, creating an exhibit, and marketing the robot to a panel of
judges. The programming team, headed by Haven Lefay, creates the computer code that is
then downloaded to a controller and used to drive the robot. Team members, Sarah Touster
and Zach Lavin created the engineering notebook to document and record the entire process of
designing and building the robot, writing the computer code, and designing and building the
marketing exhibit. The CEO of Clarion Robotics systems is Austin Stivanson. Austin is
responsible for the overall operation and management of Project Phoenix. Josh Craig (COO) is
second in command and is in charge of day to day operations at the company.
We would like to thank Best Robotics, The Elliot Group, MatLab, Grove City College,
Clarion Area School District and all of our current and previous sponsors for all of their support.
This is an excellent real life learning experience that has been made possible for our students
by our sponsors. Thank you for allowing us to take part in this competition.