Meet Spike! The Magnolia’s Pet Salon Pet of the Week.

Don’t be fooled by “Spike’s” tough-guy, macho name; this pint sized little dude just wants to be held and loved.  Spike is a 3 year old, Chihuahua/Beagle mix who was surrendered because he was arguing with the other male Chihuahua in the house; now that Spike is neutered he may no longer feel the urge to prove his manhood; meanwhile–kennel life is a loud, scary place for a shy little guy who stresses out every time the big dogs bellow just because Spike shows his face around the corner.  Spike would love to be in a quiet home where there are gentle hands and a loving voice to encourage him; if you would like to be that person for Spike contact Tri-County Animal Rescue Center on Facebook, call 814-918-2032, or email:




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